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"Cleaning with old fashioned pride"


About Us

A-1 Dependable Cleaning has been in business for over 35 years and in all that time this company has no negative comments at the Better Business Bureau or any other service. We welcome all size homes and small to medium sized businesses. Also we want you to know, that the ownership is always on board and you may reach us at any time. One of the reasons we keep our clients is because of our wonderful employees. They care about their jobs and we have a great working relationship with each and every one of them. Perhaps that is the reason that the average length of employment is 12 years. Our staff does not rush in and out of your home, they know how long they are required to stay at your place. This is all arranged during our initial first visit. In other words you tell us what you require, and we will customize a service that fits your needs. We know exactly how long the job will take and each employee understands the correct time to stay. Additionally, the same team goes to the same house each time, and cleans the same areas as they did on the prior cleaning ,that way the same person is cleaning the same area each time and gets accustomed to your home and can provide a deeper cleaning. They get to know you personally, and we consider this a good thing because they get to care about you.

Business cleaning is a bit different, for example, we keep an eagle's eye on your complete operation. Is the plumbing leaking? Maybe there's a irremovable mark on the walls? Is there a new chip in a desk or perhaps stale food in the lunchroom refrigerator. What makes our cleaning service different from the others ,is our attention to detail. We have been around long enough to know how to keep our clients happy.

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